Sunday, 19 August 2007

deotala Satellite View

I have just found the satellite map of Deotala, I have also posted a link, please have a look, you can also add your house (bari or Baree name) I cant add Binur Bari as i am on a Mac, so if anyone on a PC kind enough to add Binur bari for me, that would be Fab.
All the best


Holy Cross High School Bandura

I found this in the wikipedia, If any one has more info about Holy Cross High School Bandura please edit the page.

Photos Form 1996

I Found these Photos for my trip to Deotala in 1996, I have lots more, just dont have the time to scan all of them, I will be posting them as I find the time.


Sunday, 12 August 2007

To Everyone

Hi to every one. If you are form deotala, could you please leave a comment and send some Pics on this post, Please also leave your email address aswell.
We need as much info as possible about Deotala. Please Help.